3 steps to activate Viva Numbers

  • Login to your Control Panel and click on "My Account" and choose "Coupon Offers".
  • Click "Send" to receive the PIN code in your inbox
  • Go to and insert the PIN code you received. Then follow the short configuration procedure.


Am I eligible for a Viva coupon?
All Papaki customers are eligible for 2 Viva coupons! This service targets mostly old and new owners of websites - eshops - domain names, in order for them to cover their personal or corporate communication needs (calling and fax) with visitors and customers of their websites, (eg. informational sites, blogs or online shops).
How can I receive my free Viva coupons?
With your paid order at, 2 Viva coupons will show inside your control panel
How do I activate my coupons?
You can activate the coupons, one-by-one, through your control panel. Insert each PIN code separately, to the Viva website ( and then simply follow the short configuration procedure for your numbers.

Viva Numbers

Every customer is eligible for 2 Free, telephone numbers, with free talktime by!


Every coupon offers

Free phone number of your geographic region location
(aterantively you can use it as a fax)

Free 300 talktime Viva Points

(corresponds to 2.5 hours of calling land phones in Greece or 30 minutes of calling cellphones)

Each Viva coupon have to be activated with different email account in

What can I do with a Viva telephone number?

The phone number can be used for any Viva service, such as VoIP, VoiceMail, Fax2Email, FollowMe, MenuIVR, Queue, VoiceMemo, Call Recording


Talk to everyone on the Internet, much cheaper, with high sound quality! Moreover, you can talk for free with other Viva VoIP customers.


Receive your FAX messages to your email (FREE) and send Faxes directly from your computer, much cheaper. With the electronic Fax service, you do not need a Fax machine, thus you do not need to pay for a fixed line.


Your phone number follows you, in order not to miss a single call. You can divert your calls every time, to any fixed or mobile phone, in Greece or abroad, or even to your VoiceMail.


Advanced, next generation Voicemail that sends your messages to your email. This service is FREE with every Viva Number!

IVR (Phone Options Menu)

Phone Menu (IVR) offers the possibility to the Viva Number user, to create phone "menus" for calling customers, eg. "Press 1 for the accounting department, 2 for sales, 3 for technical support", etc. Through a simple and user-friendly interface, everything will be organized within clicks!

Queue (Call Waiting)

Create a call center, with no equipment! Set a welcome message for your calling customers, set call agents (even if they are at their homes), view online the number of calls put on waiting, set when calls will be sent to the answering machine, the working hours of your call center and even more!

More features...