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1. Easy to useSave time and effort with simple management modules, made ​​for your convenience.
2. Track your progress Track the progress of your actions and their results, through the organization of tasks and reports you receive.
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  Automatic analysis of your website
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  Keyword Tool with specific suggestions for keywords
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few weeks
  Recommended tasks and suggestions to work smarter
  Specialized support for your questions or problems
  Frequent tests of your results in Google, Yahoo and Bing

How does RankingNinja work

  • Get into the web app. RankingNinja will guide you step by step how to start.
  • The marketing tool analyzes your entire website, every day, and recommends specific, detailed tasks to optimize your content.
  • Complete one by one the tasks we recommend.
  • As you complete the customized tasks, you increase your ranking in search engines and your social media presence

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Tracking results

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  • 10 keywords / 4 competitors
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