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EV SSL offers

New offer! Comodo EV SSL only for 120€

Αn EV SSL offers complete protection for online transactions, the green bar on the browser as an indicator of maximum protection for your customers and better Google ranking.

Get a Comodo EV SSL only for 120€/ year instead of 232€ that it normally cost. The offer lasts until the 30th of April 2017.

OV SSL offers

Νew offer! 25% discount on Comodo Instant OV SSL

Get an OV SSL to verify your business information and provide to your website visitors the protection they need.

Get a Comodo Instant SSL for two years only for 59,80€ instead of 79,80€ that it normally costs. Just add a Comodo Instant SSL for two years in your cart to get the offer. The offer lasts until the 30th of April 2017.

DV SSL offers

Νew offer! Two-year Comodo Essential DV SSL for 20€

Choose a DV SSL to make sure that your website or your blog will not be marked as "not secure" by Google and will not be lost in deep Google Ranking.

Get a Comodo Essential DV SSL only for €20 for two years! Just add the SSL for two years to your cart and you will get the second year for free. The offer lasts until the 30th of April 2017.

Tlds offers

Up to 75% discount on registrations!

Register domain names in the most popular tlds with up to 75% discount..
The offers are applied to new annual registrations and cannot be combined with other offers and discounts at Papaki. Each offer is valid for specific time period, which is mentioned in the text that appeared with your mouse over on the colourful banner next to the in offer tld.

Advertising Coupons on Google

100€ (total value) Google online advertising coupons

Papaki in collaboration with Google, offers exclusively to its customers online advertising of 100€ total value. You give 25€, and you get 75€ in advertising!
Advertise your website, risk-free, with the Google AdWords Offer and show up on Google search results the very moment potential customers are searching for your products or services.

Δωρεάν Web hosting με κάθε διετή κατοχύρωση

Free Web Hosting

With every domain name registration or domain name transfer from another registrar to Papaki, we offer you free hosting 100Mb for your website for ever!

Μεταφερθείτε στο Papaki και αποκτήστε εκπτωτικό κουπόνι 3€ για την επόμενη ανανέωση του domain

€3 discount for your next renewal

Move your domain name from another registrar to Papaki and gain a €3 discount coupon for your next .GR domain renewal and free hosting for your page. This offer cannot be combined with other offers or coupon discounts at Papaki.