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Set up your eShop in just 10' minutes and start selling online.


Ready in 10' minutes

Instant results and instant sales. Register - Insert products - Sell. Fast and reliable online store in just 10 minutes.

Fully customizable

Choose one of the ready PapakiShop themes, or just put your style creating a new theme from scratch.


Start simple and grow as you want. Affordable prices with no hidden costs for development and support. We handle all extra costs.

Secure Transactions

Security for you and your customers,with a modern payment and order management system.

New payment method available!

Now your customers can pay for their purchase through PayPal!

Template Gallery

Papakishop Simulator is a theme generator which you can use to create or edit an existing theme, preview it on your eshop, and finally easily download it and install it to your Papakishop.


If I buy an eShop package, how much time do I need to create my online shop?

You can create your online eShop in just 10 minutes!

Can I use my own domain name for my online store?

Yes. Except the address that we provide, you can use your own domain name in packages Basic, Gold and Pro.

What are the steps I have to follow?

You just have to sign up, insert your products and you are ready to sell.

Can I put my company logo inside my eShop?

Yes, you can put your logo in your theme, using menu "Options".

How can I market my eShop online?

Papaki will offer you a Google AdWords coupon (for BASIC, PRO and GOLD packages.

Can I upgrade my subscription to another package?

Your subscription can be uprated whenever you want, even in the initial period that you have chosen during your sign-up.

Can I offer my customers the option to pay with credit card?

Yes. You can use the eCommerce services by Eurobank and Piraeus Bank. Download the required form, and hand it to your contact at the branch, filled out and signed. To use Piraeus Bank, follow the instructions you will find here.


Prices are per month, for 3 month plans.
*The Control Panel for is temporarily available only in Greek
eShop site and control panel are in Greek & accept Greek VAT numbers only
- The above prices do not include VAT 24%


Choose theme & logo

Choose theme & logo

Insert company information

Insert company information

Activate shipping methods & payments

Activate shipping methods & payments

Insert categories and products

Προσθήκη κατηγοριών, προϊόντων & ΦΠΑ

Managing and placing an Order

Managing and placing an Order

Send Newsletters to your eShop customers

Send Newsletters to your eShop customers

Search product features on

Search product features on